Firefox 3 Eats Internet Explorer 6 Alive

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Mozilla Firefox 3, the free and open source web browser, has finally overtaken Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 and is getting closer and closer behind IE 7. According to data from StatCounter Global Stats, for the first time in February of this year, Firefox 3 with 24% market share overtook IE 6. --IE 6 has a shrinking market share of 22%.

IE 7 is still the global leader with 41% market share. But overall, Internet Explorer is steeply falling with a market share down from 68% in July 2008 to 63% now. Meanwhile, the number of Firefox users has been steadily growing. Its market share now stands at 27% from 25% of July last year. (*click on images to enlarge)

Top 8 Browser Versions from July 2008 to March 2009

Top 5 Browsers from July 2008 to March 2009

“The StatCounter analysis is based on four billion pageloads per month. StatCounter is one of the largest website traffic monitoring companies in the world with over two million members globally. Over 40% are located in the US with 25% in Europe.”

Most recent StatCounter traffic data of Tech Source From Bohol shows that majority of visitors from this site uses Firefox:

Browser Usage Share Breakdown:

51.20%--Firefox 3.0.6
14.60%--Firefox 3.0.7
8.40%--MSIE 7.0
5.40%--Mozilla 5.0
3.40%--MSIE 6.0
2.80%--Chrome 0.2
2.80%--Safari 1.2
2.60%--Firefox 3.0.5
1.40%--Firefox 3.1b2
1.20%--Firefox 3.0.3
1.00%--Opera 9.64
0.80%--Firefox 2.0.0
0.80%--Firefox 3.0.4
0.80%--Firefox 8.10
0.60%--Opera 9.63
0.60%--Firefox 3.0.8
0.40%--Firefox 3.0.1
0.20%--Opera 9.24
0.20%--Konqueror 3.5
0.20%--Firefox 3.0
0.20%--Konqueror 4.1
0.20%--Opera 10.00
0.20%--MSIE 8.0

Will Firefox someday be crowned the king of all web browsers?

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