Free/Open Source Workout/Fitness Software for Linux

Since I have a healthy goal for 2009, I’ve been looking for a program that can help me accomplish my objective. I found several workout/fitness desktop applications for my Linux box, but very few have satisfied my needs.

For those of you who are also planning to burn a lot of fats this year, I have here a short list of some great free and open source workout/fitness software that I hope you will find useful:

Though this software is originally made for cyclist, it can be used for other resistance training like running, swimming, etc. Pytrainer is written in Python programming language and uses the GTK library for its graphical user interface. PyTrainer works with supported GPS fitness devices and is able to generate detailed graphics and statistics with the GPS data. Some of its main features are:

* Multilingual Support
* Googlemaps integration to display GPS tracks
* Heart rate support
* Viewer and editor of waypoints
* System of plugins for multiple GPS devices
* System of extensions for future hacks

Google Maps Integration

PyTrainer Graphs

You can download PyTrainer HERE.

GTrainer can help manage fitness activity by storing different important records about one’s daily training like daily weight, characteristics of exercise, and specific training sessions. There’s also a routes interface that you can use to save your favorite workout course. The records can be saved locally (sqlite3) or remotely (PostgreSQL, MySQL soon). With different kinds of charts and monthly reports, you will know exactly how your training goes and how you can improve it.



You can download GTrainer HERE.

SportsTracker is a good application for people who want to record their sporting activities. It is not limited to a specific kind of sport as the user can create categories for all sport types such as cycling, running, swimming or tennis. SportsTracker has an integrated PolarViewer that enables anyone with a heart-rate monitor with computer interface to display the recorded exercise files and evaluate the diagrams. With SportsTracker, all the application data is stored in XML files so it should be easy to access it with other tools or to write importers and exporters for other applications.

Overview Diagram

Statistic Results

If you have Java Runtime Environment (JRE version 6 or greater needed) installed, you can simply install SportsTracker by clicking HERE.


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