15 Beautiful Ubuntu GDM Themes

GDM or GNOME Display Manager will easily allow users to fully customize the login screen theme without having to use the command line.

There are tons of ready-made, user-submitted GDM themes available that we can just download and effortlessly install. In celebration of Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope's release, I’ve collected some of the most beautiful GDM themes for Ubuntu enthusiasts to appreciate:

Ubuntu Black

Ubuntu Sky

Underground Ubuntu

Ubuntu Wood

Ubuntu Leaf

Ubuntu Blue

Ubuntu Metal

Ubuntu Nuovum

Ubuntu V-TEC

Ubuntu 3D

Ubuntu Rust

Energy Bliss

Ubuntu Professional

Ubuntu NextG

Dark Ubuntu Aurora


  1. dude those are bad ass you should make another list.

  2. Also one of the nicest GDM Login screens.

  3. Nice login themes!

    I think I might download one of them...

  4. I like the Ubuntu Rust one.

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  6. Absolutely awesome Ubuntu Themes, Great Job!

  7. Ah.... a login screen? You see it for what... 8 seconds while you type your uname and pwd? Cough.... w o o o o t a

  8. is anyone else having trouble with the rust one... it seems to be missing something...

  9. Amazing, really amazing...

  10. Great collection, but... can you do a list for other distros??

    Universal GDM are better ;-)

  11. here is another link for a nice collection of gdm themes

  12. how to install it??? please help!!!!!!!

  13. I just have "login screen" in my Ubuntu.Not "login window".
    Is there have another way to install it???

  14. I cant install those GDM themes neither. I dont see any LOGIN WINDOW in my Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala.
    Either this themes can be installed only on older versions of Ubuntu or I there's something wrong with the help on the web... I've tried everything... Nothing works.. Please Help by being more specific... thnx

  15. Old GDM Themes DO NOT WORK with Ubuntu Karmic Koala. There's nothing wrong with the help in the web, Karmic just messes up with GDM and we can no longer install GDM themes.
    Anyway the source is open to play and make/port some themes.

  16. using ubuntu 10.10. Is there any way I can use these themes?