Forget Windows 7, Linux Mint 7 “Gloria” is here

Posted by jun auza On 5/28/2009
The latest version of probably the most well known Ubuntu-derived distribution has been unleashed. Based on Jaunty Jackalope, Linux Mint 7 (codenamed Gloria) is loaded with exciting new features and the freshest software applications. To give you a sneak peek of this most recent Mint version, here are some of the features that deserve some attention:

Fresh Theme and Artwork
Linux Mint 7 has a brand new theme. The panel and window border colors are now a bit darker but still look pleasing. It is still using the Murrina engine but with various upstream improvements that make widgets and buttons sleeker than before. I should add that its latest default wallpaper really looks great.

mintMenu Enhancements
mintMenu has been improved with a feature called “Suggestions”. Like when filtering gives no results, the menu now shows a set of suggestions related to what is being searched. It will also offer you to install the package directly from the menu so it’s really very handy.

Beefed-up mintInstall
Linux Mint’s very own software manager is now enhanced with a new GUI layout, and features like pre-filled information; seamless screenshots downloads; and featured applications.

Some of the most popular applications were gathered in a new window named "Featured applications". This window shows the popular applications that are available and not currently installed on the system:

The GUI layout was improved. The main window now shows less information and the once called "Versions" button was replaced with "More info".

These are just a few of the many features that you will find on Linux Mint 7. --I’ve been a Mint user and I've dated Cassandra, Daryna, and Elyssa. So at the moment I’m still downloading Gloria and I’m looking forward to test it, and then hopefully share my views about it.

If you want to download Linux Mint 7, go HERE.

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