10 Best Free Android Applications

Before, we have featured here several killer apps for Android. Now that there are a growing number of third-party applications that are made for the Android platform, let's take a look at a few of them.

The following are some of the best Android apps that you can get or download for free:

One of my favorite iPhone apps has come to Android. Evernote is not your ordinary note-taking application as it will let you sync text, photos, audios, and files across different operating systems minus the hassles.

More about Evernote HERE

Fring is a must-have Instant Messaging (IM) app that you can use to chat with your whether they are on Yahoo Messenger, AIM, Google Talk, MSN Messenger, and other supported protocols.

More about Fring HERE

This app will turn your Android device into a remote control for your computer, which will allows you to run movies and music at a distance. It has all the standard remote control features such as play, pause, rewind, volume controls, and more. Gmote also has a built-in file browser that lets you choose what to play.

More about Gmote HERE

A smartphone is not complete without a Facebook app. The Facebook-sponsored application offers a lot of features. You can do almost everything on the Android app that's possible on the full version of the site. What's cool is that you can even add a notification widget to your home screen.

More about Facebook App HERE

Pandora brings to the table an internet radio app for the Android platform. You can pick your very own music stream: Just start with the name of one of your favorite artists, songs or classical composers and Pandora will create a "station" that plays their music and more music like it.

More about Pandora App HERE

Twidroid is considered by many as the best Twitter client for Android. It comes in two versions: The "Free" and the "Pro" version. I think the free version has all the necessary features that the pro has that there's really no need for you to upgrade.

More about Twidroid App HERE

Unlike the iPhone, Android doesn't have an official Wikipedia app yet. However, there's Wapedia, an application that will let you quickly access Wikipedia and its content with its clean and intuitive interface.

More about Wapedia HERE

Astro is a multi-featured file manager that can read images, zip, and tgz files. It can send files as attachments and it also has a search feature. Astro also serves as a task manager that will let you kill those useless background processes.

More about Astro HERE

Documents To Go
With Documents To Go, you can view, edit and create Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files as well as view Adobe PDF files on your Android-powered device. This is really an essential app for people who are always on the go.

More about Documents To Go HERE

Voice Recorder
If you need a voice recorder app for your Android phone, get Voice Recorder; simple as that. With this app, you can send the audio data as attached file via Gmail. You can also set recordings as ringtones.

More about Voice Recorder HERE

If you have other favorite free Android applications, you can share them with us via comment.


  1. the app that most people like when i show the android phone is google sky. with it i have been learning the night skies. i can now pick out venus and jupiter on most evenings wereas they used to be just extra bright stars.

  2. rmaps for offline mapping

  3. What, no privacy application to keep your data private from ... uh ... google?

  4. I use SecForms for storing private information.

  5. Ahh yes the "but googles got all your info!!!! hmmm lets see.... company that is mostly do no evil as opposed to telcom companies that are already proven to do lots of evil. Sorry but your astroturfing-troll-fu sucks.

  6. "company that is mostly do no evil"
    At this particular time. Wait 'til the next JEdgar Hoover comes along.... if there isn't one or a thousand already.
    Be very, very careful when CEOs like Eric Schmidt and others say things like "If you have something that you don't want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn't be doing it in the first place."

  7. Slacker Radio is on Android and is better than Pandora in just about every way.

  8. i say ScummVM, play old adventures like day of the tentacle, beneath a steel sky, monkey island, etc on yout android phone, with cool touch screen support..

  9. You're not able to download either Evernote or Fring from the Market on the HTC Tattoo - something to do with the screen size, apparently - but you can manually download them from and respectively.

  10. I would also recommend AroundMe for Android,

    AroundMe allows you to discover amazing places round the world via Flickr, YouTube, Wikipedia and more!

    Designed for Google Android-powered devices, it is aimed at travelers and photo-enthusiasts alike.

    Among other things, AroundMe displays the most interesting Flickr, Panoramio and YouTube photos and videos of places nearby your current location (or in any other locations you point your finger to!), giving you the walking or driving directions to reach each place.

    AroundMe can be downloaded from the Android Market, in the Applications > Travel category.

  11. stumbled here looking for a good list of OSS Android apps and noticed Kyuss in the Pandora pic, nice!

  12. PhotoLoco is pretty cool - gets photos from Flickr and Panoramio around your location.

  13. agree with above twetter one of best

  14. very like DIGSBY on Android!! no thanks to other.

  15. I wonder why google goggles isnt in the list.

  16. 'Documents to Go' is not free

    You have to buy a paid version to edit documents.

    this article is poor and misleading

  17. Has anybody used Shazam, never used it myself as I'd rather wait for the end of the song when the DJ tells me the name of the artist. For some free paid apps visit hxxp://

  18. I´ve got an android phone and I like an app named Androidify...he´s basical but is very entertained... download it to see if you like too!

  19. I have found this site with various open source android applications :

  20. Evernote is the best android application and i cant see why more people dont use it.

  21. My favorite app is, use it all the time as it tells me whats all around me wherever I travel in the UK and then links to my Satnav system so I can walk or drive. Think about how this info is in your pockets. Truly mindbending really. Best of luck to you all