Hong Kong Free WiFi Hotspots

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My family and I are at Hong Kong right now, but in a few hours, we will be going back to the Philippines. Before I'll talk about free WiFi hotspots here, I would like to ask for an apology to those of you who commented because of the delay in moderating your comments. I hope you'll understand.

We stayed at hotels that doesn't offer free internet connection and it sucks a bit. The connection fee at the Marco Polo and Disneyland Hollywood hotel are way too expensive for me. So if you are a business traveler on a tight budget who wants to stay online most of the time, I recommend to not check-in at these hotels.

But still, there are lots of free WiFi hotspots in Hong Kong. You can go to restaurants, malls, and probably other public places to get connected. We've been to the biggest floating restaurant in the world called Jumbo Kingdom that offered free WiFi.

I'm currently at the Hong Kong International Airport where I'm writing this and where free WiFi hotspots are available in every corner.

Gotta go.

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  1. May I know which malls in Hong Kong have free wifi?