15 Cool and Funny Linux T-shirts

Posted by jun auza On 1/10/2010
Since I'm planning to buy several Linux-inspired clothes, I was searching the web for places or sites that offer printed t-shirts that look cool and have a bit of sense of humor. I was surprised to see a lot of them so I would like to show to you those that I really like. Here are some of the coolest and funniest Linux related t-shirts that I found so far:

Evolution of Tux

Do you fsck?

Tiny Shell Script

Gentoo, Linux for human beings

Fear the penguin

Obey me for I am root

I Have No Windows


Friends don't let friends

*Nix do it in the Open

I am a terminal

Fire Water Earth Linux

May the source be with you

Reboot to Linux

Kick Ass Linux

Maybe you can help me narrow down my choices and share with us (via comment) your favorite Linux t-shirt from the list above.

PS. In case you are interested, I found those awesome shirts and more from HERE, where you can also buy them if you want to :-)

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