15 Cool and Funny Linux T-shirts

Since I'm planning to buy several Linux-inspired clothes, I was searching the web for places or sites that offer printed t-shirts that look cool and have a bit of sense of humor. I was surprised to see a lot of them so I would like to show to you those that I really like. Here are some of the coolest and funniest Linux related t-shirts that I found so far:

Evolution of Tux

Do you fsck?

Tiny Shell Script

Gentoo, Linux for human beings

Fear the penguin

Obey me for I am root

I Have No Windows


Friends don't let friends

*Nix do it in the Open

I am a terminal

Fire Water Earth Linux

May the source be with you

Reboot to Linux

Kick Ass Linux

Maybe you can help me narrow down my choices and share with us (via comment) your favorite Linux t-shirt from the list above.

PS. In case you are interested, I found those awesome shirts and more from HERE, where you can also buy them if you want to :-)


  1. I've been looking for shirts like these thanks a lot. I'm lovin' the second one.


  2. have you ever noticed how linux always has smart ass shit like this to try and diss windows..... but you never see windows stuff like this dissing linux.... you know why? Because the Big Boys don't waste their time or energy taunting the midgets beneath him.... too humble

  3. You should check out they have pretty cool t-shirts and they donate an amount of the price to the project in question :P

    Sorry if you take it as spam =|

  4. What no "2010 - Year of linux on the desktop" T-shirt?

  5. Linux forever. No more monopoLIE from m$.

  6. HA, the person that posted at 10:57PM is referring to Microsoft as being humble! Time for someone to learn some facts!

  7. > but you never see windows stuff like this dissing
    > linux.... you know why? Because the Big Boys
    > don't waste their time or energy...

    No, what happened was they were *trying* to make something, but their computers crashed too often to finish anything...

  8. What I got for Christmas: Arrogant Linux Elitist from

  9. What? No ThinkGeek T-shirts?

  10. you know what... I've used Linux for 4 years... Every Distro you can think of... And from my experience, Linux crashes and breaks a hell of alot more than Windows does... and if you deny that fact, then your a naive Linux Fanboy... I've never seen windows break after an update... Linux does... requiring the user to intervene and understand the system.... which i never minded cause i know how linux works... But i've gotten to the point where I just can't be f'd anymore... so I switched to Windows 7... but still keep a hard drive with Arch Linux.
    I'm just sick of all the linux fan boy attitude towards Windows... the linux crowd is a hell of alot worse than the windows crowd... Use whats best for you and shut the fuck up

  11. Yeah right. Gone from Arch to Windows because Linux is instable. What a clown. One of the fundamental things about Arch is that YOU control 100% how good and stable it is. Guess you're just a lousy Linux user then. Stick with Windows. You deserve each other.

  12. "I've never seen windows break after an update..."

    All your credibility went out with Windows... pun intended.

  13. i'd go for the "obey me" shirt. next would be fsck. ;-)

  14. Very nice T-shirt quotes...

  15. @Anonymous.... No shit sherlock... like I said... i don't mind the breakages because I know how to fix them most of the time... but i did not say that I was referring to Arch linux... I said that i keep a drive with Arch linux around... i said 'linux' in General... Arch is bleeding edge and rolling.. it does break from time to time... but you know what... so do the more stable distros... eg: Suse, Debian/ubuntu, mandriva etc etc etc... I've used them all and i've broken them all without even trying... We all have.... as For Linux at the command line... Yes... it is rock solid and doesn't break... chuck a GUI in there with all the other half baked crap and you have a System that will break easily.....

    and @ CT.... I stand by what i said... "I" personally have never had Windows break after an update for eg: however Yes indeed Windows gets slow as fuck After long term use where as Linux doesn't... That i will admit... and i'm not saying windows doesn't break... im saying that Linux as a Desktop breaks a hell of alot easier than Windows does.... And I stand by that in my own experience..

  16. I partially Agree with the Windows/linux guy.... and you linux guys ARE being defensive... but you know what... linux sucks! Windows sucks! and Mac sucks! they ALL suck! They All have good and bad points... who cares... just use what works and shut the F$%k up. ahahahhahahah

  17. The last t-shirt is pretty cool.