Ubuntu goin' gray, like the Mac OS way?

Posted by jun auza On 2/25/2010
A source from inside the Ubuntu team has informed a blogger that there will be an important announcement coming from Canonical regarding a possible rebranding of Ubuntu. A lot of enthusiasts are quick to speculate that the changes will be all about the color schemes used by Ubuntu and that it may go from brown to gray.

Evidence pointing to an Ubuntu makeover is this Ubuntu Single Sign On page where the logo being used is color gray and not the usual brown. There’s also this statement made by Shuttleworth from a recent interview in which he said:

"We'll have some new styling which is going to be the starting point of another five year view. We've been Human for the last five years and now we're going to be light oriented."

I remembered reading an article (I forgot the link) about Mark Shuttleworth expressing his desire to equal or beat Mac OS X in terms of user interface and overall polish, which made me think and agree to all the rumors that Ubuntu might try to imitate the Mac OS desktop interface.

If indeed Ubuntu turns to gray or light oriented as they call it, how will the users react? If you ask me, I wouldn't mind the color change as long as the Ubuntu look will remain unique and not trying to be like a Mac.

What do you think?

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