World's Funniest Computer Pictures

World's Funniest Computer Pictures: Humor time! Since a lot of you have enjoyed our list of funny computer quotes, I decided to keep the momentum going by posting some of the world's funniest computer-related pictures. Several of the funny images that I'm going to share to you have been collected over the years and have been stored in my hard drive for as long as I can remember. So I would expect that some of you may have already seen a few of these images, but I still hope that you'll have a good time. Without any more delay, here are some of the world's funniest computer pictures:

Note: click on the images to enlarge

Home networking gone bad

Linux 95

Computer Show

Understanding Computer Technology

Really Simple Keyboard


I will use Google

Super Computer


Trial Period Over

Hacker in jail

Successful Error

IBM Laptop

King of the world

Intel Inside

Press any key

Help and Support Not Responding

Linux box version

101th Key

HumorSense 95

There will be more funny computer pictures to come, so watch out. If you have a link or two to other funny computer images (whether old or new) please share them with us via comment.


  1. Tech Source is definitely growing stronger, huh?

    Anyway, just wanted to drop by to greet you a happy happy birthday, Jun... advanced ba.

    More power to you, bai!

  2. Lots are completely serious but still awesome.

  3. Really Simple Keyboard jajaja

  4. toinkxx......