Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions for Web Developers

Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions for Web Developers: Before, we've featured here our top 10 list of Google Chrome extensions. Today, we will share with you some of the best extensions specialized for web development. These extensions will give more features to the Google Chrome browser for the purpose of designing, debugging, and search engine optimization (SEO) on websites.

Here is our list of top 10 Google Chrome extensions for web developers:

10. Webpage Screenshot
This extension is a must-have for web designers. It will let you capture the entire web page and save it in one image file in PNG image format. You can also resize the window before making screen grabs.

9. Color Picker
Color Picker is a simple tool for determining the colors used on any web page. It's like using a color picker from a graphics editor where you can easily choose any color from the color wheel or from the website and see its Hex code or RGB color value.

8. PlainClothes
For web development testing purpose, PlainClothes will allow you to evaluate a web page by removing its CSS styles and see if it’s still readable. It is possible to control the extent of the "unstyling" via the Options window ("Extensions" > "PlainClothes" > "Options"), and you can toggle the "unstyling" on a per-site basis by clicking the icon in the location bar.

7. Lorem Ipsum Generator
The Lorem Ipsum Generator is a simple extension that generates "Lorem Ipsum" text for your test website. Other extensions of this type simply complicate this task, using really extensive code, XHR, etc. The main purpose of this extension is to use the fewer amounts of code (and also memory) and help the developer/user to get the job done.

6. jQuery Shell
jQuery Shell will let you run JavaScript and jQuery commands in the context of the current web page. It can be a great tool to use when experimenting and learning JavaScript and jQuery commands.

5. Resolution Test
Resolution Test is a very handy extension for previewing web pages in different screen resolutions. It will change the size of the Google Chrome browser window according to your choice of commonly used resolutions as well as a custom option for you to define your own resolution.

4. SEO Site Tools
SEO Site Tools offers many features for the purpose of search engine optimization. It pulls domain metrics and linking from Yahoo, SeoMoz, and Alexa as well as Google cache date, Bing Index Date, Quantcast rank, SEMrush data and PageRank. It also shows domain's social media bookmarks and sharing from Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Reddit, and Delicious. SEO Site Tools will display relevant page elements to SEO (Header tags, Bold/Strong, Anchor tags and follow attribute) as well as tile length meta-description and keywords and robots meta-tag.

3. Web Developer
The Web Developer extension that's been popular among Firefox users is now available to Google Chrome. It is loaded with tools for viewing, editing, and debugging web page elements, as well as other important features.

2. Pendule
Pendule offers a variety of features for web developers and designers. Key features include one-touch markup validation, hiding images on a web page, viewing scripts included in a web page, showing image path, display ruler, color picker, and more.

1. Firebug Lite
Firebug is originally created for Firefox but the Google Chrome version comes with almost the same features. It allows developers to easily debug, edit, and monitor any website's CSS, HTML, DOM, and JavaScript. It also provides other Web development tools and has a JavaScript console for logging errors and watching values.

Are you using Google Chrome for web development? You can also share with us your favorite web developer extensions via comment.


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