25 Fresh and Cool Linux Desktop Wallpapers

It's been a long time since we've featured here some cool Linux desktop wallpapers. In case you've just tuned in, we have shared several Linux-related wallpapers already:

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Hence I feel that it's about time to have another list of fresh and cool Linux wallpapers to customize your desktop. Most of the wallpapers that I’m about to show to you are new and may have never been seen before by most of you, so enjoy and feel free to download some of those that you like:

Linux Style

Throw Out that Crap

Sudo Do it A$$hole

Ubuntu Stripes

Linux Muse

Dark Root

Linux 2010 Calendar

Sudo Suck it Up

Tux Minimalist

Ubuntu Robot

Powered by Linux

Open your Source

CrunchBang Debian

Mint Landscape

Ubuntu Clear Minded

Linux Power and Freedom

It's a Trap

Linux Hi-Tech

Linux Means Freedom

Ubuntu Light

Fedora Dark Minimalist

Debian Chicken

Google Chrome

Free Software

Ubuntu Pirate Bay

Did you like our new collection of Linux desktop wallpapers?

If you know a link or two to other cool Linux wallpapers, you can share them with us via comment.


  1. Nice collection. Thanks. I'm using Sudo do it... ;)

  2. Is linux from Microsoft? Wow! :)

  3. Verum.Orator

  4. Thanks to show my artwork (Linux Hi-Tech Wallpaper). Another Linux stuffs are available on my Deviantart page.

    Be free, use Linux!

  5. Great Wallpapers:) Thanks:)

  6. nice wallpapers..

  7. I LOVE these, just 1 suggestion, "SUDO: Shut Up Do as Ordered"

  8. "SUDO: Shut Up Do as Ordered" wallpaper

  9. tanks 4 wallpaper..nice

  10. AWESOME collection...I've "taken" them ALL!...LoL!