The $100.00 (USD) Coolest Linux Workspace Contest continues with this entry from Brian, a database administrator (DBA) in a mostly Windows world by day, but off hours a musician/Linux geek. He says that he is also doing some freelance IT work and development for his wife's company, which gives him more of an opportunity to focus on Linux in a professional capacity.

Now, let's all check out his Linux workspace:

Owner's note: I've got a total of 4 physical machines here, including my laptop and a headless server running Proxmox VE. I'm using Synergy to control everything from a single keyboard/trackball.

My desktop is technically 2 PCs, plus a laptop. The left 2 LCDs are powered by a Phenom x4 965 running Ubuntu Studio Karmic x64. The right two LCDs (including the little one off to the right) are powered by an Athlon x2 5000+, running "regular" Ubuntu Karmic x64. The 14" monitor is used as either for TV or movies while I'm working. The laptop is a Panasonic Toughbook a fresh copy of Ubuntu Lucid 32bit beta 2.

The Headless Proxmox (based on Debian) machine is an Athlon II x4 with a whole bunch of various virtual machines, including a virtual NAS with about 6TB of raw storage for media, backups, and other things. Proxmox VE is a fantastic virtualization platform. It will run about everything you can throw at it and it's stupid easy from the administration side.

Most of the synth hardware was collected while I was a swinging bachelor, playing in bands. Now that I'm a family man, I enjoy the blinky lights and noises at home. My DAW these days is Reaper running through Wine.

Audio/Midi Gear:
Alesis Fusion 8HD
Oberheim OB-12
M-Audio Axiom 49 controller
Moog Micromoog
Access Virus module
Korg MS-2000BR
Korg TR-Rack
Darkstar XP-2 module
M-Audio Trigger Finger
M-Audio midisport 4x4
Behringer RX1602 Line mixer (for the synths)
Behringer UB2442fx Mixer
M-Audio Delta1010 audio card (plugged into the Phenom)

Thank you Brian and we wish you luck!

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