10 Fresh and Awesome Icon Sets for Ubuntu/GNOME Desktop

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Before, we have featured here some cool icon sets (specifically for Ubuntu or for other GNOME based Linux distributions) that can be used to spice up your desktop. You can view and download them through these posts:

* 10 "Really Cool" Icon Sets for Ubuntu/GNOME Desktop
* 10 Awesome Icon Sets for Ubuntu/GNOME Desktop

Because it has been a while since I made an entry about icons, I decided to gather some new icons sets that you may have never seen before. Let me share with you this new collection of fresh and awesome icon sets for Ubuntu/GNOME, and please don't hesitate to download those that you'll like as they are all free:

1. Boxi by bluepal

2. The Last Amazing Grays by deusnova

3. Paper by Darknessssen

4. Minimal-perception by Mandarancio

5. Polar Icons 2 by jameshardy88

6. Dark Shine by promix89

7. Rust by bluepal

8. Zenith by ladyorion

9. gmetalik05 by gluk

10. ReMiX by maxo64

If you are using KDE, we have also made a list of some of the coolest icon sets available for KDE desktop that you should check out.

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