A Network Administrator's Linux Workspace

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It is time once again to feature an entry for our $100.00 Coolest Linux Workspace Contest. Today, the workspace setup that I'm about to show you was submitted by Aric, codenamed "a-train". He is a network administrator that works on a medium sized health system network in Savannah Georgia. He mainly uses his Linux workstation as a fileserver, and for virtualization, programming various languages, Open Source research, and network and Asterisk testing.

Now, here is a photo of Aric's workstation followed by some interesting notes from the owner himself.

[Owner's Note]

Here's my equipment:
Yellow Box
Ubuntu 9.10
Core2Duo 2.4 Ghz
4Gb memory
750Gb total disk
Mounted Soekris 5501
OpenBSD 4.6
Packet Filter Firewall
* I use the OpenBSD firewall (Soekris 5501) for shell access when I
travel and sniffing.
Soekris 5501 on top of POE switch
Ubuntu 9.10 server
Asterisk 1.6.0.x with TDM card
2 pocket switches
1 24 port POE Netgear
3 Linksys spa942na phones
1 Siemens Gigagset VOIP phone
Quote on the wall to the left
"I think there is a world market for maybe five computers", Thomas
Watson, IBM 1943

Thank you Aric and good luck!

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