25 Awesome Free Vector Clip Arts Made Using Inkscape

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In the field of graphic arts, vector clip art is associated with pre-made images used to represent whatever medium. It is comprised completely of illustrations made using computer software, and it does not contain stock photography.

One of the most popular free and open-source software that is capable of producing high-quality vector clip arts is Inkscape. I consider it as one of the best vector graphics editors for Linux and perhaps for other operating system platforms such as Windows and Mac.

Today, I'm going to share with you some of the most awesome vector clip arts made using Inkscape. These vector clip arts are completely free, which means you have the full freedom to use, modify, and redistribute each and every one of them without having to worry about breaking any copyright law.

Without any more delay, here is a list of some of the most awesome free vector clip arts (in no particular order) made using Inkscape:

1. Typed Color Hendrix Portrait by kuba

2. Milk Carton by zeimusu

3. Hip-Hop Tux by fejack

4. Venice gondolier by johnny_automatic

5. Startoy by ufowebfactory

6. Rabbit Gun by liakad

7. GNU Circle By Milker

8. Adam & Eve Happy by jmrivera

9. Tux by egonpin

10. Prosperity Cow

11. Ancient Mexico Motif by Jorge Enciso

12. Death by Porota

13. Floppy disk by ChArLoK_16

14. Cute Skull by Fredrik Holmqvist

15. Cartoon Bee by Roland Janssen

16. Tekka maki sushi by johnny_automatic

17. Treo 650 smartphone by Bruce Westfal

18. DSLR Camera by flomar

19. Emperor penguin chick by Struthious Bandersnatch

20. Turntable by ben

21. Mp3 player by eguinaldo

22. Rick Astley by DooFi

23. Film Slate by maidis

24. Wolf by Peileppe

25. Kugelfisch by drunken_duck

If you are wondering where I got all these awesome vector clip arts, just head over to the Open Clip Art Library where there are thousands of vector arts made by hundreds of artists from around the world. Each vector clip art is stored in Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format and can be downloaded free of charge.

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