TechSource Most Popular "How-to" Posts of 2010

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This year, we've posted tons of how-tos, tutorials, and tips that we hope have helped or were valuable to some of you. The simple to complicated how-tos that we've written were mostly related to Linux and other free and open-source software.

In no particular order, here are our most popular "how-to" posts of 2010:

- If you are using Linux but there is a need for you to use Windows from time to time, this simple step-by-step instruction will help you quickly run Windows 7 inside Ubuntu using VirtualBox virtualization software.

* How to Install and Use Mac Fonts on Ubuntu
- Some of you may have probably used Mac OS X before and have been comfortable with its system fonts. If you are now using Linux and want to install Mac fonts such as Aquabase, LITHOGRL, Lucida Grande, Lucida Mac, etc. on your new, you should check out this post.

* How to Install Adobe Photoshop on Ubuntu Linux
- For graphics professionals who can't live without Photoshop or are not yet comfortable with GIMP, this article teaches you how to install Adobe Photoshop under Linux

* Fix Blue and Green Tinted Video Problem in Ubuntu Linux
- Solve the annoying blue and green tinted video issue in Ubuntu Linux by following the easy instructions from this post.

* How to Install Microsoft Office on Ubuntu Linux
- If you are like me who uses Linux but still rely on Microsoft Office for some reasons, you will find this how-to indispensable.

* Hacks to Make Firefox Faster than Google Chrome
- Beating Firefox and other popular web browsers, Google Chrome is now considered as the world's speediest browser. However, with a few simple hacks you can considerably enhance the speed of Firefox making it at least at par with Chrome when loading webpages.

* Move Ubuntu 10.04 Window Buttons from Left to Right with 1 Command
- Although version 10.04 (Lucid Lynx) of Ubuntu brought a lot of exciting and noteworthy features, a lot of us were not ready for several changes particularly the shifting of the window buttons from right to left corner.

* How to Install iTunes on Ubuntu Linux
- Even though iTunes runs like crap on Linux, it is good to know that it is possible to install it using Wine with a hope of improved support in the near future.

* Where to Download Free VirtualBox Images (.vdi) and How to Use Them
- For those of you who are always in the mood to install or use different Linux distributions and other operating systems, you should not miss this article.

* How to Install Internet Explorer 8 (IE 8) on Linux
- No matter how you hate Internet Explorer, there are still some people who prefer to use it. If you are one of them, check out the step-by-step instruction of installing IE 8 on Linux.

* Installing and Running Mac OS X on Linux Using VirtualBox
- For those of you who want to experience using Mac OS X under Linux, you should check out this simple tutorial.

* How to use Dropbox Online Backup Software in Ubuntu Linux
- Installing and using Dropbox in Ubuntu Linux is really effortless, but we wrote a quick guide for those of you who have no experience whatsoever of using online backup software.

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