10 Fresh and Awesome Google Chrome Themes

Posted by jun auza On 1/28/2011
10 Fresh and Awesome Google Chrome Themes: When Google Chrome was still at version 3.0, a very limited number of themes were available. During that time, we have showcased here our top ten favorite Chrome themes and shared with you a quick tip on installing and uninstalling Chrome themes.

Today, there are already tons of cool Google Chrome themes or skins at hand that can be instantly and easily downloaded and installed from the Chrome web store.

Here are my new top ten favorite Google Chrome themes:

1. Robot Theme

2. Italy

3. Ubuntu Black Magic Theme

4. World of Warcraft Cataclysm Theme

5. Adaptive Theme

6. Bleach Urahara Kisuke Theme

7. Ultimate Pokemon Theme

8. BitNova Dark

9. Google I/O 2010 Theme

10. Mario Retro

You may view the full list of themes from the Google Chrome Web Store.

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