Best File Browsers/Managers For Android

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Just downloaded a document on your Android and can't seem to find it? You're not the only one. Browsing files on smartphones and tablet computers is not the same experience as it is on the desktop. Don't fret though, for this is not the locked-down world of iPhones and iPads where you'd run against a shining white wall every time you try to use the device your way. Thanks to the open nature of Android, you can use and customize your gadget any way you want to, and file browsing is no exception.

So, if you're looking to cut, copy, paste and delete your files just like you do on desktop, look no further as we list out some of the best file browsers/managers for Android.

ASTRO File Manager

With over 18 million downloads so far, ASTRO File Manager is undoubtedly one of the most popular file managers for Android. This free application lets you manage your photos, videos, documents and MP3s just like you do on your desktop. Thumbnails, drag and drop support, File searching, ASTRO's got it all covered. What's more, the app also comes with a built-in text and image viewer. Moreover, if your droid is loaded with Zip attachments, ASTRO will handle them for you without any problems. ASTRO is frequently updated and works seamlessly across phones as well as tablets (Honeycomb). Oh and one more thing, the app is free (ad-supported).

ES File Explorer

With more than 10 million downloads, ES File Explorer ranks just below ASTRO when it comes to file management. Supporting 18 languages, ES lets you manage all your files efficiently by letting you cut, copy, paste, drag, drop and search them just like you do on your big shiny desktop. ES is a full-featured file manager that supports a variety of file formats that also includes thumbnails support for APKs and images. Also, if you want to exchange files between your desktop and mobile devices, ES comes with SMB support over Wi-Fi. For the folks who're always on the go, there's an FTP client too. Another unique feature about ES is that it comes with an enhanced version of Dropbox built right into the file manager. Like the aforementioned ASTRO, ES too is freely available for download from the marketplace.

File Manager

File Manager by Rhythm Software is a free full-featured file manager for Android. It comes with a refreshingly clean User Interface, which is a far cry from other file managers on our list. On top of it are 3 sets of beautiful icons that are designed for more than 60 different file types. File Manager, even though it has one of the most striking UI's around, it doesn't skimp on functionality. There's support for cut, copy, paste, along with the ability to share and search files. If you want, you can also mount SMB shares over your Wi-Fi network. For hackers and tinkerers, there's also support for rooted devices. File Manager is free and has been downloaded over a million times so far.

File Expert

File Expert is another free file manager for Android that comes with a strikingly fresh interface. Also, unlike the aforementioned File Manager, File Expert even lets you theme the UI with some great themes available for download. Besides letting you do all the basic file management operations, File Expert acts as an SMB, FTP, SFTP and FTPS client. Furthermore, it includes support for Bluetooth send, Wi-Fi send and NFC too. Another great thing about this app is that it's completely free that too without any ads whatsoever.

AndroXplorer File Manager Lite

AndroXplorer File Manager is a free file manager for Android that comes with a wide range of features. The lite version offers almost all the features that a decent file manager should provide except for encryption, a feature that is only available for paid users. AndroXplorer's UI is what makes it stand apart from other file managers. This app uses sliding drawers for file sorting, navigation and toolbar. All you have to do is pull the drawer to sort files, and then with a couple of more taps, all your files are sorted instantly. AndroXplorer also includes an app-management functionality called My Programs. This feature aggregates all your installed applications into one single folder from where you could launch, backup and uninstall apps instantly. Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars, AndroXplorer Lite is freely available for download from the marketplace. Also, if you're ready to shell out a few bucks on a decent file managing application, then there's the Pro version too. The paid version comes with support for encryption, archiving (ZIP) and more.

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