Top Paid Apps For Ubuntu That Are Worth Your Every Penny

When it comes to the number of quality paid applications available for download, Ubuntu has always lagged behind Windows and Mac. Despite some great choices in the Software Center, the Canonical-made distro has a long way to go in order to go head-to-head with other operating systems.

That said, not everything is so sullen and gloomy in the Canonical world. Slowly and steadily, Ubuntu is catching up with its competitors by offering some great paid applications that many users have started appreciating. And though you won’t find Adobe Photoshop or MS Office here, you’ll find an assortment of some fantastic games and software that put Ubuntu way ahead of any other Linux-based distribution.

From side-scrolling adventures to addictive MMORPGs, the paid app arena in Ubuntu is just warming up, and it seems that it’s getting hotter and hotter with every passing day. So, if you’re looking to spend your hard-earned cash on some applications tailor-made for Ubuntu, here’s a list that will help you choose the best from the lot.

World of Goo

One of the most popular cross-platform physics-based games around, World of Goo is a title you simply cannot afford to miss. The game challenges the player to build giant structures using interactive globs of goo. Be careful though, one wrong move and your whole structure could collapse right to the ground. This fun adventure-filled puzzle challenges your mind and shapes up your creativity. -Definitely worth your every penny.

Crossover Pro

If you've just switched from Windows to Ubuntu, you might be missing some of the best apps that Redmond has to offer. From MS Office and Photoshop to high-intensity action games, there are a few things that you leave behind when you switch to Linux. Well, not anymore. Crossover Pro lets you seamlessly run all your favorite Windows applications without any hassles. Be it Outlook 2007 or your favorite Windows games, Crossover Pro makes sure that you’ll never have to boot to Windows again. To get started, you can download the trial version from the Software Center. Then, if you like it, you can pay and upgrade to the full version.

Steel Storm: Burning Retribution

This top-down shooter is set in an alternative universe wherein you control a weapon-laden advanced hovercraft. And, all you have to do is eliminate all extra-terrestrial invaders just to survive. The fast-paced game features single player mode as well as online multiplayer mode where you can battle against 16 random players at once. The old-school title has been well received by Ubuntu users, and is completely worth the surprisingly low $5 price tag.

Oil Rush

One of the most well designed games to ever hit the Linux platform is Oil Rush. Based on the powerful UNIGINE graphics engine, Oil Rush is a naval strategy game based on group control. A sort of a cross between real-time strategy and tower defense games, this $20 stunner comes with hours of DRM-free single player and multiplayer fun.


YouTube, though a video-sharing site, has become one of the best mediums to listen to music. The sheer variety of songs offered by that platform can’t be matched by any other site. Taking advantage of this offering comes Musictube, a YouTube-based music player. The $12 app lets you listen to thousands of songs from YouTube without having to open the site. Musictube works and feels just like any other music player, except for the fact that all music comes from YouTube rather than your hard drive.


Braid is a game set in a painting-like world where you manipulate the flow of time to solve puzzles. Everything about the game is about timing and attention, thus putting you on the edge of the seat throughout the gameplay. Apart from a challenging puzzle, Braid is also a sweet adventure with some beautiful graphics and sounds.

The Clockwork Man: The Hidden World

With some stunning graphics and engaging gameplay, this next title puts you in the Victorian era with wondrous contraptions and fascinating machinery. The game follows the adventures of Miranda and Sprocket through the Hidden World as they set off on a new adventure filled with innovative puzzles and gorgeous hand-painted scenery.


  1. Yes a handful of games that might have looked bleeding edge in the 90's are sure to have Windows and Mac owner's raging in jealousy over Unoobtu's meager game collection.

  2. Linux isn't a gaming system. I have a xbox360 console system with a big screen plasma. Honestly, if I want to get **** done or DO business, I use Ubuntu. No spyware. No virus either. I don't pay 2000 for a stupid macbook pro. I don't pay 500 for word processing software suites. I don't pay for iCare at 50 dollars a month. I don't need to go to Mac Store and feel like am rat in glass cage. If you need to do serious HD video editing, then I can understand why you would pay that kind of money for a iOS system. But lets be honest, all you really use that Mac for is porn, and stalking your ex, posting dumb crap about yourself to strangers online. More money than common sense defines you.

  3. Nice list mate.

  4. The majority of the list above is games - it's interesting to see that in Linux, the most important tools are free, while unnecessary apps, such as games, are not!

  5. Well for casual gamers it is more than enough. I find myself struggling to resist the temptation to even just play the free games right now while I'm typing this. I'm even fantasising about doing a ubuntu only lan/gaming party with friends where we previously had to play old crappy windows games coz we didn't really have enough copies of the games we wanted to play.. Some of the guys had old hardware which made it even harder, I think ubuntu will run quite nicely on there..

  6. Linux "just warming up" for paid apps? Bro, if you weren't a total newbie, you'd realize paid apps don't even belong on Linux.