Samsung Galaxy S6 to Feature a Metal Detector and X-ray Scanner

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Just a few weeks after Samsung Galaxy S5's launch, reports about the next Galaxy phone have already started surfacing. Galaxy S6, the successor to the Android-based device will be the sixth flagship phone in the Korean giant's massively popular Galaxy line. With "bigger and better" being a consistent motto throughout the product's timeline, Samsung plan to launch the S6 with some rather unique features.

Galaxy S5's launch didn't impress as many fans as Samsung expected. Though packed with a heart-rate monitor and fingerprint sensor, Galaxy fanatics didn't think the additions were enough to make them spend their hard-earned cash on it. As with every smartphone in the Galaxy line, this time too, Samsung has shown that it is indeed listening to its fans. As a result, they will be launching the Galaxy S6 with two main features: S-metal, a built-in metal detector and S-ray a portable X-ray scanner.

Citing security and health as the two main areas of focus for the Galaxy S6, the Korean mobile behemoth plans to turn your phone into your very own bodyguard and your doctor. We talked to a Samsung representative and he has finally confirmed the two features:

"We all know how helpful X-ray machines are. But who has the time to go to a doctor? That's why Samsung has added S-ray, a new X-ray feature that is built right into the Galaxy S6's camera. Just snap a picture of any part of your body using the "S-Ray mode" and it will instantly show you an X-ray image of that part on your phone. The image is then matched with hundreds of X-ray images of normal, healthy patients to diagnose any abnormality in your body. The diagnosis is instant so that you won't need a doctor to tell you what problem you have. You can also share that image to Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram or add cool filters to it. Overall, we believe that this feature will revolutionize smartphones," said the representative.

The S-Ray mode, according to reports, will integrate tightly with the heart-rate monitor and S-health. Samsung also has plans to launch more features that will help users diagnose complex diseases. When asked about the metal detector, Samsung added:

"Every time you turn on the S-metal mode, your phone will start scanning for suspicious metallic objects in your proximity. It's best used like a handheld metal detector by hovering over a suspicious person's body. As an added security measure, you can also opt to send the data to NSA to help them fight the war on terror"

Samsung plans to launch the Galaxy S6 by early 2015. It will feature the latest version of Android with some heavy modifications

Written by: Abhishek, a regular TechSource contributor and a long-time FOSS advocate.