TSFB Best of 2K7

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Since we are about to end the year and we already have 100+ posts, I guess it’s about right that we will recap and give importance to what we humbly think as our best Tech Source from Bohol (TSFB) posts of 2007. So without delay, here they are:

* Software Review/Post of the Year
23 Most Valuable Free Software

* Geek of the Year
Geek of the Month: Linus Torvalds

* Programming How-To of the Year
How to Rescue Windows Files Using Linux and Python

* Distro Review of the Year
Is CentOS 5.0 Worth Every Penny?

* Silliest Post of the Year
Computer User Profiling

* Distrowar of the Year
Battle of the Elite: openSUSE vs. Mandriva

* Gadget Review of the Year
All I Want for Christmas is World Peace and Asus Eee PC

* Weekly 10 Story of the Year
Weekly Ten (11-13-2007): Calling all developers: $10M Android challenge

* Computer Hardware How-To/Tip of the Year
Choosing the Right Laptop/Notebook Computer Today

* Tech Source from Bohol Post of the Year
A Date with Cassandra

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