15 Awesome Mandriva Linux Wallpapers

15 Awesome Mandriva Linux Wallpapers: We've featured several distro-specific wallpapers before, like our awesome Slackware wallpapers collection and a number of cool Ubuntu wallpapers. This time, I'll be giving tribute to one of the best Linux distributions (currently topping our "Best Linux Distro of the Decade" poll) around, by sharing with you yet another set of beautiful desktop wallpapers.

So here are some high-quality Mandriva Linux wallpapers that you'll surely love:

Mandriva Robot

Mandriva Love

Mandriva Face

Mandriva Autumn

Mandriva Abstract

Mandriva Matrix

Mandriva Batik

Mandriva for Kids

Mandriva Red Brick

Mandriva Stars

Mandriva Rain Drops

Mandriva Space

Mandriva Sky

Mandriva Purple

Mandriva Flower

If you know a link or two to other awesome Mandriva Linux desktop wallpapers, please share them with us via comment.

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  1. Thanks a lot. I'm lovin' the Mandriva flower and the brick one.

  2. Thanks Hello Friend
    always gets the best of the best

    Long sought with little success backgrounds
    for Mandriva, so that one day ..
    I created some with Gimp
    if they think worthy of mention on your site..
    I leave a few links:


  3. good collection of mandriva wallpapers

  4. Thank you! I will use it =)

  5. Very interesting. Some wallpapers so very cute =)